There are 4 ways Candice can work with your brand:

Podcast Courses

Teaching you step-by-step how to plan, produce and promote a podcast.

Media Coaching

Unleash your inner badass. Increase your visibility in the media.

Podcast Sponsorship

Become a sponsor for the Mental Cement Show.


Motivate, inform and inspire a team to kickass and take control of their lives.

What others have to say about Candice


The content was brilliant and real. Candice has an authentic and natural flow. Value to my young mentors as well as myself. 


 You have a way of asking questions that challenges me to be thoughtful but not get stuck in thinking. You bring out a greatness in me and speaking with you has inspired me & fueled me tremendously. 


 Those 2 hours flew by fast! Great content and Candice kept participants engaged. I loved it!


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